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The 30 Day Weight Loss Bundle has been carefully created for individuals on a calorie restricted diet or those who are wanting to lose weight fast and need quick results! We have created a formula that consists of all essential nutrients including proteins, vitamins and minerals and controlled the calories to 200 per shake, when this is combined with our Ell Thermo Fat Burners and CLA Softgels this will guarantee visible results in just 30 days! Thermo fat burners are designed to boost metabolism and CLA assist by providing essential acids to promote fat burning! All natural ingredients inside too! When bought separately this would cost £59.99 but were created the bundle for just £47.99 saving you 20%!


The Health and Wellness Bundle, combines 4 of our best selling products in one great and unique bundle, this bundles provides all the ingredients from proteins, vitamins and minerals to essential fatty acids. When bought separately this bundle would cost £59.99, however this bundle saves you 20% at only £47.99 and also includes a Free Shaker!



The Lean Muscle Building Bundle does exactly what is says, it combines scientifically proven ingredients that bundle and repair muscle and combine them ingredients that are known to increase strength and power. This bundle provides the perfect combination of products for anyone wanting to build lean muscle mass! Bought separately these products would cost you £49.99, however this bundle offers 20% off when bought together and you can get all this for just £39.99!


The Weight Loss Bundle has been our best selling bundle of all time with many happy returning customers! We combined 3 of our best selling weight loss products in one unique bundle and combined it with a 20% discount. If you are looking to kick start your weight loss with scientifically formulated ingredients proven to work then look no further, our products speak for themselves! Bought separately these products would cost £59.99 bought in the bundle its just £47.99.



This unique bundle contains all the essentials to get the most out of your workouts, increase strength and build muscle faster. Bought separately the total cost of the products is £54.97, however this is available as an essential bundle for just £44.99!

Includes a FREE SHAKER!